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Established on March 26, 2020, the "Chinese Plus" is a digital cloud service platform jointly developed by over 20 organizations, including Continental Han Feng Network Technology(Beijing)Co.,Ltd., Chinese Test International Education Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Alibaba DingTalk, Japan Youth Development Association, British Chinese Language Teaching Society, and Confucius Institute at Khon Kaen University, Thailand. This is in order for overcoming the epidemic, and uses the internet to support international Chinese teaching, learning, and testing. The "Chinese Plus" platform aims to incorporate global partnerships, courses, technologies, products and services among other resources to provide online teaching and educational support for schools, institutions, teachers and learners engaged in international Chinese education.


HSK Standard Conversation Course (Level 3)

The HSK Standard Conversational Course aims to improve learners' Chinese conversational ability, draw on research results in the field of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, lay stress on the illustrative role typical contexts play and in order to cultivate learners' ability to make full use of the words and expressions they' ve learned by adapting them to various new contexts. This HSK Standard Conversational Course series consists of five volumes, volumes 1 to 3 correspond to the HSK LevelⅠ to Ⅲ syllabi and volumes 4 and 5 correspond to the HSK Level Ⅳ syllabus, which with the writing concepts of "combining testing with teaching", "promoting teaching by testing" and "promoting learning by testing". Upon completion of each volume, learners will have the necessary communication skills and will be able to attend the corresponding HSK and HSKK test, so as to improve the passing rate during the learning process. This course is the text supporting animation for volume 3. Including 16 lessons such as "Welcome back to Beijing", "Your room is really clean" and "Your Chinese is getting better and better". There are 2 texts in each lesson, 32 animation videos in total with each about 5 minutes. The text is short and concise in content and vivid in presentation, which is convenient for learners to efficiently learn Chinese oral communication ability in fragmented time. The animation is dubbed in Chinese with no subtitles.

International Chinese teaching skills

“International Chinese teaching skills” is an online course that based on the <Standards for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages>. If you are a teacher who don’t have any Chinese teaching experience before, if you are a Chinese teacher who wants to improve your teaching skills, then this course is custom-designed for you. There are 30 lessons in this course, every lesson has its own topic, and 30 different topics contained the basic skills in teaching Chinese as a second language. For instance, Before the class, you may need to know: professional image of International Chinese teacher, body language, teaching language, and how to make teaching objectives, plans, how to deal with teaching material, key points and difficult points, etc. During the class, you may need to grasp those skills: how to present lesson-introduction, how to lead-in and explain language points, how to explain the rules of classroom activities, how to finish the class and assign homework. Even more there are various micro-skills in teaching process, like the design of blackboard-writing, questions and feedback, techniques of correction, creation of teaching situation, individual differences in treatment of students, guidance of Chinese study, etc. After the class, your teaching skills will be continued in correcting homework, assessing the learning of students, and self-assessment, etc. Besides, there are introduction to commonly-used network resources and appreciation of outstanding Chinese lesson plan. The “International Chinese teaching skills” included abundant real cases in international Chinese class, as well as valuable experience shared by those teachers who teach Chinese overseas. We use simple theory to analyze the problems, and also provide solutions or suggestions for improvement.


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